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Reinstall over Xp


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I am not the best with reinstalling, i use to know how but i dont know now because of Xp. I cant seem to find out how to reinstall Xp over xp ?

Could somebody tell me or maybe make a tutorial for other people too ???

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
There should be no problem reinstalling XP over itself !
Better, you will keep nearly all of your settings & proggies.

Haven't done it myself yet. Backup your data and game folders on a separate partition or hard drive, and go for it ! Plus, I don't think it will ask you to type in the key once again nor go through activation (remembering its settings).

Wait for a second advice before... just in case !


I assume you want to do this because you're having some sort of problem. If that's the case, there is a built in method of doing an overlay installation - it's a repair install.

Just boot to the XP cd and it will immediately recognize the current installation and offer you the choice of either continuing a full installation or doing a repair. Choose the full installation. Two screens later you will again be offered the option to repair. This time, select that option (press "R"). XP will then perform a full installation on top of itself and your registry entries should not be modified.

Remember, choose the second repair option, not the first (the first will drop you at the repair console).


its a lot better to do a clean reinstall instead of reinstalling over your current file system.


Perhaps so - but it appears he prefers to maintain his current registry settings and that's not possible with a fresh install.

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Yep, Allan's right !
Clean complete install will clear the registry and your settings (e-mail, connection,...) and force to reinstall all your progs. !

I didn't have in mind what Allan mentioned at the moment of my first reply... sorry.

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