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My PC was, up till recently, an ASUS A7V133 m/b, 1.33mhz AMD CPU, ASUS Geforce 3 V8200, 512mb SDRAM, SB Live! 5.1 with 2x IBM Deskstar 40Gig disks in a RAID 0 config running WinXP Home.

I upgraded the CPU to a 2000XP and the video to a Geforce4 Ti4600. All was fine for a week and then my PC starting bluescreening and auto-rebooting. Rolling back the system didn't fix this. Argg!!

After trying to fix this I bought an ABIT K7RA w/512mb DDR RAM and rebuilt the PC with the only difference being that I opted not to go RAID this time (though the disks are on the RAID controlled slots). Plus, bought and installed new 300watt power supply. Am running all latest VIA, Nvidia, Creative etc drivers.

However, after three reformats and rebuilds my bluescreens continue. Things of note:

1) The bluescreens seem to occur regularly about 20 mins after I first boot up each day and, thereafter, very occassionally at other times;
2) The bluescreens almost always occur when i'm at the desktop, particularly when using IE but, on occassion, when i'm away from the PC and nothing is running but the screensaver (default XP);
3) SiSoft Sandra and 3DMark tests have been run in loops to burn in the PC and these fail to result in a crash - similarly, I can play 3d accel games for hours on end and they *never* lock up;
4) Event Log shows nothing untoward except the occassional error accessing the DVD/CD Drive and, of course, the writing of the memory.dmp file after the system has bugchecked;
5) CPU averages about 58-60 degrees Celsius but is routinely at 62 or 63 degrees after a stint of gaming and this never triggers a crash.

Hmmm ... i'm stumped. Anyone got any ideas? This isn't killing me but I *hate* to be beaten by my PC - who's in charge here anyway????


Triangle :)


hmm 60 degrees celcius is HOT! Did your old 1.33 run this hot? My 800 runs at 38-42 under medium load. Several of my friends who also run AMD chips run right there in the same neighborhood, except for 1 with a 1700+ who runs 46-48. He feels that he has a ventalation problem and he is trying to solve it. I tend to think that its a cooling issue. Try taking off the cover and place a room fan blowing into the case. See if they aids in lowering your overall case temps. See if it also solves the problem, if it does, then you indeed have a cooling problem. Good Luck
Go to control panel> system> 'advanced' tab> startup and recovery 'settings' button> untick the 'automatically restart' option. When you bsod, take note of the error code(s) and post them.


Ok - have purchased a tower case (was running everything in a midi-tower) and a TT Volcano 7 for the CPU.

The CPU now runs at 46 degrees celsius no matter what - even when raytracing at 100% CPU usage it sits flat at 46 degrees. Plus the m/b is running 10 degrees cooler and the hard disks are running 13 - 15 degrees cooler.

So far, so good. No problems.

Thanks for the advice - hopefully i'm sorted.


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