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Registry Cleaner


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I need to get one registry cleaner and I am not sure of what I need.
I wanna keep my system healthy with the removal of spyware and antivirus,
but I have never really cleaned up registry. I visited a site
and found PC Optimizer Pro, anyone using that and have some comments?
Thanx in advance

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OSNN One Post Wonder
I've tried ccleaner and it is pretty much way too aggressive and delete the things you actually need on your system and cause certain things to stop working . However, when you use it, you should always go through each finding to see if you actually need it or not. But the general user typically lets it delete whatever it finds and that's where the problem is.


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Exactly, that is why you should check the "options" and then the "settings" to make sure that it doesn't delete what it should not. I installed it on the puter at work and my boss used it. He killed all his cookies and a few other things he needed. I had configured it as it should run to be effective but he goes on the net and is looking at all kinds of shiit, no, not pr0n. :p

Needless to say I will have to sit his dumb ass down and go through all his frickin cookies and stuff. But point being it is one of the best out there and with a bit of patience it will run very smoothly and keep yer machine happy. I use it every other day but if I get heavy on the net then as soon as I'm done I use it.

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