Registered mIRC - or not?


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Last week I paid a paypal transaction to mIRC, which has been confirmed to me, for registration. That was like FOUR days ago and although mIRC sent me the email promising a registration mail, no such email has arrived to date!

Anyone else registered it? Anyone had problems like this? And anyone recommend the email addie to get this sorted out?

thanks guys....


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Mainframeguy I would send them an email with your confirmation # perhaps and explain that you never recieved your registration #.


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I did years ago ... still the same registration code. mIRC is a really good deal, it's cheap and your license lasts a lifetime. If you use it extensively (which I suspect a lot of people here who chat do) ... theres no reason to not have it registered.


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LordOfLA said:
/me whistles

*punk slaps wrist*

mirc isnt worth paying for.
hehe - you got an EP edit :rolleyes:

NEways - just posting to say that later that day the registration code came through.

I actually think the licence is a good deal - but at the same time I often use ChatZilla (which I think is inferior, but if you have the browser hey, it's right there).... now if there was just a way I could make mIRC replacement plug-in for Chatzilla I would be very happy bunny.

Oh yeah - and what heppened that led to me registering is kinda funny - it was real late and I did not realice the coninue button would ungrey if I just waited! So I clicked straight through to register! :D

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