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region killer

Do I need Region Killer, if I already have DVD Genie installed??

DVD Genie is the muts nuts, so what does Region killer do that DVD Genie doesn't??

Electronic Punk

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DVD Genie. You know when the apply button goes red? That was my idea = w00t.

Anyway DVD Genie is great for resetting the software region code of dvd players however it can #not bypass teh hardware dvd region code (if DVD genie works fine for you - don't worry about it)

However, some DVDROMS have region protection and therefore cannot play DVDs from different regions, without reducing the number of changes left or making it perminant.

It will also allow you to bypass the new third level of protection introduced in Windows2000, as long as you are not using a player that needs an aspi layer (according to the homepage Cinemaster and PowerDVD should work - not sure about WinDVD)

DVD Genie partially works with the new WinDVD 4 - ie the reset region, however the rest does not, however you can get WinDVD tweaker now from http://3dgamer.tripod.com

Basically if you can watch DVDs from any region now, don't worry about DVD Region killer, its for those with RPC-2 (region locked) drives.
I used my dvd until it region locked on me... sucked. Updated my firmware... gave me back my count down. I have my firmware update put away in a safe place now. ;)
I have flashed my DVD so there is no region protection, on start up the weird region key in the registry is set to 0 and when I insert a DVD, DVD Genie kicks in and does the business.

ahhhh can life be so simple??!!

EP, nice one for the red apply. It's quite a good thing so you know that you have actually made changes. Common Sense was born in YORKSHIRE!!!!!!:cool:


I'm sorry Hal...
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just FYI, if you want to play DVDs through WMP then Genie don't work, but Region Killer does. Although the only reaosn to play it through that is to get the chapter listings, other than that it sucks.

Genie rules, set it for default player, set it to auto scan/set/launch player/close then never even have to touch it

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