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I'm sure this has been covered but... I'm using Norton System Works 2002 and am curious if I still need to get a program to clean the registry of defunct entries. I know that Norton use to include a reg cleaner but I'm not seeing it now. If a regclean program is needed any suggestions on one. I'm using XP Home...

One other quick question, any ideas what -

"PowerReg SchedulerV2.exe is?"

It is in my startup, and I'm trying to figure out if I need it or not

Thanks in advance:)
Norton Systemworks 2002 has a registry cleaner ... its called Norton WinDoctor, and it works really well for cleaning up obsolete ActiveX/COM entires in the registry.

If you want to use another one along with WinDoctor, you can try jv16 Powertools available at http://www.jv16.org


I'm a real big Symantec fan, but Win Doctor is a weak registry cleaner.

Before you use regcleaner or any other similar utility, be sure to back up your registry or create a restore point. Most of those programs are not as efficient as they should be when it comes to discriminating between items that can be deleted safely or not.

Shamus MacNoob

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Always make sure you make a backup of what you remove reghealer does that as you clean and the reg compressor is just that it recompresses the reg and also has a make complete back up and easy restore feature ..... have used both for a long time and never had a reg based problem because of either of these two programs

Perris Calderon

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Originally posted by madmatt
I use dealer's choice: RegCleaner by some guy. Seems to work well.
I love this regcleaner...plus, no backup needed, the info is defaulted into the recycle bin...which is a backup.

still, doing a restore point couldn't hurt, and is probaably prudent, I always have a valid restore point, so I don't bother with a new one when I reg clean

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