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Refresh Rate ??

Hi, just wanted to know..what is the point of the refresh rate?

What does it effect.. I know that when iI place it on like 85 the screen stops flickering or whatever.. But does it effect aplication performance?... I heard If you have a Refresh Rate of let's say 75

Your fps in games will be max 75.. Is this true?


if you have Vertical Sync enabled and have a refresh rate of 75hz yes your max fps will be 75, however if you don't have V-sync enabled it will be as fast as the vid card can pump. but that is why sometimes at high refresh rates you have image tearing

As for the flickering that all is monitor and resolution dependent. I run my monitor at 1280 by 1024, 60hz at all times and have never had flickering

hope I cleared it up for you :)

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