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Refrenced Memory Error :(


Hope someone can help, ive just had to reinstall xp due to installing a stupid refresh fix, but now thats ive reinstalled i keep getting the following error

'The instruction at "0X00f28e3d" referenced memory at "0x01090008" The memory could not be read, click ok to terminate the program. ???????

I recall having this error before, but my memorys fine was working perfectly the day before, i can remember fixing it by going into MSconfig but i forgot what i had to do ? can anyone out thier help PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Thx in advance
Weird ????????


ok ive done a bit of investigating in MSCONFIG and have found its one progg on startup that causes this and works fine when its disabled. But i havent got a clue what this prog is .

ctfmon in C:\windows\system sooooo can anyone please tell me how to fix this and maybe what is it ? and would it hurt not to have it running ?

Thx :)

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