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reformatting - a couple of questions



1. i need to backup my email messages from outlook express, how can i do this? where is the inbox file?

2. 'activation' - am i going to have any problems with activation if i completely format and then install xp fresh?

ok, thank you.


I'm sorry Hal...
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1) it should be C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express

or somthing similar

2) yes you will ahve to reactivate, shouldn't be a probelm, just ring a given numebr and they give you a new code or somthign


i activated by the net before, and it just did it all automatically, if i do that again, will it work ok, and i still be the same activation?


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Microsoft forces you to call after so many activations, not sure if you will have to, either way, it should be a new number/pin.

Check out the migration wizard on the XP CD-ROM. It will back up your settings, email, etc.

Insert the XP CD-ROM
Perform additional tasks
Transfer files and settings


I'm sorry Hal...
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You can try it by the net, but since you've got the same product code it may say it is already activated (this is what happened to me once)

But it should give you a number to ring and tell them you formated, they will give you a new activation code, only takes a few mins.

It might work on the net, been a long time since i done it. Either way shouldn't be a problem


Click here - This covers Backing up mail files, address book, mail account and news account. If you also want to backup you blocked senders list and other mail rules, see Q276511 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

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