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Reduce XP kernel memory footprint



If you are a gamer and don't use networking go into regedit, find this key: Hkey_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager -

Find these keys and alter them accordingly:

EnableMCA "0"
EnableMCE "0"

Then run "services.msc" and disable Terminal Services and Workstation.


It's me again...:p

Can you please explain these registry settings a little bit more?

As far as I know MCE stands for Machine Check Exception and MCA for Machine Check Architecture, features of Pentium processors to detect hardware errors.


That could be possible, haven't been an intel user for 5 years now. Which would explain why I am able to get away with it. If so then its a great AMD tweak for XP.

Perris Calderon

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hi Polygon-Paradox

good to have you as a new member of the ntfs family:) :) :)

most of us here not only want the tweak, but also the backround and explanation behind it

many times, we can decide if the tweak is for us by how the tweak is supposed to help

now, according ot what I've just read, amd wouldn't recognize a a key that's designed for intel

now on the other hand, if xp is somehow spending time with a setting that's not valid because of a dfferant hardware configuration, this might make sense...

could you tell us what's supposed to gain with this tweak?

as far as the workstation service, this service will slow your boot time when it's running, so it's always a good idea when a person is not on a network, and does not share files to not let it run

however, the setting would prefer manual, as it shouldn't start unless it's called when it's set to manual, and in an emergencywhen of if you need to go on a network or share files, you won't fail the effort


Sorry, I thought i explained the benefit in the title. By changing these I knocked two MB off the XP kernel memory usage.

I brought up disabling those services because they will reset the values.

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