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Recycle Bin

Does anyone know of a free bit of software that will let me change the Icon and Name of the Recycle Bin???
Many Thanks in advance.Cheers....:cool:


Simply ad this to the register to rename the Recycle Bin.

For win2K-xp btw.
Begin mark:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


End Mark:

mark and save as rename bin.reg, double-klick to ad to registry.:)

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I think there is an easier way to change the name from the registry. I've done it but can't find the instructions. Someone here should have it.
As for the icon right click desktop\properties\desktop\customise desktop.
Microangelo is also a good program that enables you to edit every icon on you computer....it costs money but has a trial time period.

If you d/l this program you should be able to right click your recycle bin and rename it from there.

I would just recommend changing the icon by doing what Hipster Doofus said and changing the name by doing what LoveByte. Its one less program.

Besides tinkering with the registry is fun.



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theres a file you can download, that will do that regestry thing by it self, if your too lazy !


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there's been several threads in the past about this... want proof? Proof Always search before you post :)

Originally posted by Dirk Diggler

To rename the Recycle Bin open up the Registry and drill down to:-
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / ShellNoRoam / MUICache and double-click the Name that corresponds to Recycle Bin. Then change the ValueData to whatever you like, and click OK.
change the Default (it's probably blank), to whatever you want ie. Crap Trap. These are two possible addresses to change the name of the Recycle Bin.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
Remember, restart after you do this.. ;)
I did do a search before I posted, but I did not get the 'posts' that you did, I only got results for changing the icon, which is why I posted again.
change racycle bin Icon:
right click desktop > properties > desktop > customize desktop > move bar to the right > highlight recycle bin > click change icon


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