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Recycle Bin permanent location


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How do I make the Recycle Bin and the Computer icons remain in the same location on my desktop permanently? When I rearrange my icons by name, type, etc. the recycle bin is moved like any other icon. In XP the Recycle Bin and MY Compurter had a fixed location on the desktop. Thanks.
Edit: Sorry :nervous:, please disregard the following - I misread your question. I'll continue searching for a fix. :)

I'm not sure how to make them stay put permanently, but I found this link
How can I prevent my icons from moving about?

I use the Icon Restore on my work laptop (still running XP) and used it on my home desktop when I was running XP (now running Windows 7). I don't remember if I re-installed it for Windows 7.

- Install Icon Restore and position your icons wherever you want.
- Right click an empty spot on your desktop.
- Select "Save Desktop Icon Layout".

When your icons change places in the future all you need to do is right click an empty spot on your desktop and select "Restore Desktop Icon Layout".


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If you are talking about locking the recycle in place when you select to auto arrange the icons; I don't believe there is a way to do it. I usually just hide all icons on the desktop and use object dock or rocket dock with windows.

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