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recycle bin asks me to delete windows!!!



has anyone else ever seen this? when i clicked on my recycle bin it was empty and windows prompted me...."would you like to delete windows" "yes or no". so of course i hit no and run a virus scan and everything comes back clean. so i open the recycle bin again and this time i hit yes. nothing seems to change. i reboot and all is still well. so i run another antivirus and everything is once again fine. i am lost as to why it would ask me that. has anyone else seen this?

thanks in advance to anyone who reads this or can reply. :)



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by chance anyone delete a folder called windows on your pc? it will only tell you the name of the folder of file in there if its the only file in the bin.


try and delete it, you will receive an error saying access denied file/folder in use. try and restore it and it will tell you there is nothing to restore. rebooting usually fixes the problem (unless of course it was caused by a virus, then you need to remove the virus and then reboot).
he said he clicked yes and nothing happened to his system.

I think that it was prob another folder called Windows as well


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Thread revival from hell, but I have this problem - no solution listed

I am getting this "delete WINDOWS" prompt from my recycle bin at random. Has happened half a dozen times, there is nothing in the recycle bin yet it says there is and asks me if I want to delete WINDOWS. It won't let me delete WINDOWS I get the error message listed in the orignal post.

I noticed that there was no solution posted so I wanted to check on this. Reboot fixes the problem, but why does it happen?

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if you scroll down the page you will see the answer :p that sign up thing is just a scam to get more registered users. I wouldnt be suprised if they were a source of spam.


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well they just did a reinstall, I am not going to do that just for this. Ther has to be another solution. Inaddition, I just did a reboot and it didn't go away this time :mad: . I ma having all kinds of problems today
lol my friend called me last week he had the same problem i was laughing... what i told him to do is to scan with regseeker and regscrub and then restart the computer and it stopped doing it


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Reboot into Safemode which should prevent this spyware, hijack working.
Do a scan with a reputable anti virus ... also" Spybot" and "Hijackthis"
One of them should isolate the cause for you to delete it.
The most serious one I have come across "W32 Rameh" is still deleteable using this method , and this is far less so.


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Well I have an update. I did a defrag a little bit ago, just to get the system to overwrite any deleted ghost images on the HDD. Well I went to empty the recycle bin and this time arround it was trying to delete a different file that was already deleted. Which of course it couldn't and gave a warning saying the file path didn't exist. I think it is just hanging up on the last deleted file and is reading the ghost file off the HDD. I know it is not spyware or a virus, have been through all that in dealing with a hacker attacking my system for the last 3 days.

I will give the regscruber a try and see if that fixes it.

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