record HD failure - what's yours?

indyjones Adventurer
Nov 5, 2002
1,567 my 20 gig maxtor drive not 20 maxtor drives as ou well know :p


OSNN Advanced
Jun 17, 2003
I was thinking that. lol. Had to be sure you didnt mean 20 HD's. :p


Beware the G-Man
Political User
Mar 31, 2002
I have used Conner, Maxtor, Western Digital and IBM.

My worst experiences are with IBM Death Stars...
errrrrrrrr, Desk Stars.

My old Conner's were bullet proof. I still have one, a 40 megabyte and it works. Now that is old.

Maxtors and Western Digitals all the way. Got three (3) machines with two (2) Maxtors in one, a Maxtor in another with the refurbished IBM and a Maxtor and a WD in the third. They just hum... Now IBMs on the other hand have been a piss pain. I buy a 40 Gig and it dies in less than a year. RMA and got another one. Mean time I go and buy newer one, same size, and it dies a year and a month later. I have a programmer friend, he set up a four IBM HDD Raid Server and in a years time two of his drives died. IBM sucks donkey crack. RMA is very good though. Fill out form online and mail HDD in. Get back another one. Only peeve is replacement is a referbished part. Oh and all these IBMs are Desk Stars. Hence, Death Stars.

Strange thing the referbished HDD is runnin like a timex now, just goin and goin. Strange.

Good luck Mainframeguy.


ßµ®ηiή Şiliςδη
Mar 7, 2004
i must be lucky...i've NEVER had a hard drive fail on me

my old 3.5 gig hd from my first P200 MMX pc still works

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