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Recommendation: Monkey Island


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i am not a gamer (last time a played a game was possibly 2001) and thie post is completely biased i admit :cheeky:

after all, how objective can a reviewer be after wating for a game eagerly for about 8 years :eek:
but still, i wanted to share my excitement with you. :)

some background:
Monkey Island is a series of quest games full of humor and riddles made by LucasArts.
The game is taking place in the Caribbeans, it's full of voodoo pirates and such.
The first game was released in 1990 (The Secret of Monkey Island)
Second - 1991 (Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge)
Third and best so far IMO 1997 (The Curse of Monkey Island)
Fourth 2000 (Escape from Monkey Island)

Tell Tale Games bought the rights from LucasArts to make a fifth sequel and are releasing the chapters of the game one by one since July. so far 2 chapters (out of five) have been released.

anyone with a healthy since of humor should give this series a try, starting from the remake of the first game that LucasArts released last month - The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition, on to the third one - most hilarious IMO (Curse of Monkey Island) from 97 (you might want to skip Monkey Island 2 because it hasn't been remade with decent graphics)

after those, moving on to the newer games is only natural :p

you might find out that an eye patch is the one thing that was missing in your life :pirate: arrrr!

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