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5 Apr 2002
I need a compact, COLOR and B&W printer. I would prefer a printer that I could use without the software/bloatware normally included.

I know someone that has a HP PhotoSmart C3180 ( Although it is the size I am looking for I don't know how this would work for business printing (invoices, quotes, etc.). I do, however, like the idea of being able to scan and make copies. I also like the fact that you can close the door/paper tray and have it take up less room.

I currently have a HP DeskJet 5650 and I am not impressed with the quality. The speed is decent.

Any input or recommendations is appreciated.
Depends on your volume of copies and how often you print.

If you print, copy, scan a lot - HP business model with scan/copy/feeder.
-Expect to pay >$200.
-The cheaper ones are for home use and won't hold up.
-Cost per copy will be high unless you can live without photo quality and buy after market inks.
-Try and find something with after market ink available. At least for the black. Many of the new models will not allow aftermarket cartridges to work.

Do you need photo quality?
-Replacing 6 ink cartridges is a lot more expensive than 4 inks and something will always be running out.

If quality of color printouts can be low consider a Color Laser printer instead of inkjet.
-Ink never dries out or clogs.
-Copies will not smear when damp.
-Watch out the bastards sell the printers with mini-toner cartridges that dont' last long!
-Replacing toner can cost more than the printer did.
-All the inkjets I've bought in the last few years use "continuous feed". That means they spit out ink into a massive sponge in the unit to keep the heads clean. It also means they waste a lot of ink every time you turn them on. Which is good fort he printer companies but not you. (The printers are sold below cost and the ink is grossly over priced.)

I have used everything at home (canon, epson, brother, HP). All we use at work is HP. I can sure see the difference in quality and life! My equipment at home is flimsy and quirky.

Do not even think about Brother, they are pure CRAP!

There are several print/scan/copy that store the paper vertically or under the unit with reduced space required. This is nice but means you can't run thick paper through them reliably (photo glossy, card stock, etc).
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I don't print A LOT but when I do I want/need quality and speed.

I like HP printers but I hate the software, that's why I would prefer something that can work without the software using XP features (the scan feature built into XP works well).

I don't need a photo printer.

I will take a look at the HP line of color lasers.

Thank you for the input.
I say you bite the bullet and get a color laser printer. Much better quality and features IMO, depends on your needs/budget though.
You might look at the Canon printers; I’ve had the canon i860 in service for almost two years now in my business and it’s been great for me. I was running two printers a Lexmark and an HP so I couldn’t believe this Canon could take the place of both the other printers and keep up, but it did.
This Canon is cheaper on Ink for me also by far, I spend about half in a year compared to what I was spending on Ink.

When the kids come by to do there work for college (sometimes 40 or 50 pages) and I’m running invoices and working up bids by the time I turn around to get the pages it’s near done. (I’m real happy with Canon)

You can’t get the Canon i860 anymore and I haven’t kept up with the new printers from Canon so I can’t post any links for individual models now but here is a link to there main page if your interested in looking at them.


Almost forgot I don't remember having to install there software and couldn't find it on the systems either so I don't think I did.
Thank you for the information and input. I'll look over Canon's selection right now.

Cookies coming.

The I360 must be older and discontinued. I'll search eBay.
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I use brothers b&w Laser printers for all 4 of my work printers. So far they've worked the best and the toner is cheapest. My next purchase will be a color laser.
Yes the I860 I have is discontinued now, after looking at some of the other Canon models if I had to replace mine at this point I would get the “Pixma IP4300” as a replacement just because I’ve been impressed with my Canon compared to other brands I’ve had in the past.

The “Pixma IP4300” has everything I would need and it’s fast B&W=30 ppm and Color=24 ppm.

Interfaces - 1 USB, 1 PictBridge
Exceptional resolution - 3,072 precision nozzles create exceptional resolution - up to 9600 x 2400 color dpi.3 More nozzles = high quality; Exceptional Detail: Microscopic 1-picoliter sized ink droplets produce exceptionally detailed photos.

Maximum Resolution - B&W 600 x 600 dpi
Maximum Resolution – Color 9600 x 2400 dpi

Maximum Print Speed - B&W 30 ppm
Maximum Print Speed – Color 24 ppm

Maximum Media Size - 8.5" x 14"
Media Feeders - 2 media feeders

Duplex Printing - Standard (Included)

Memory - 42 KB buffer
Sound Emission - 34 dB(A)
Power Supply - Integrated power supply
Voltage Required - 120V AC (60 Hz)

Power Consumption Operational ( Standby ) - 11 Watts (1 Watt)
Dimensions (WxDxH) - 17.5" x 12.2" x 6.3"

Weight - 14.3 lbs.

Supported Windows Operating Systems - Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
Supported Macintosh Operating Systems - MAC OS X 10.2.8 or later

Included Accessories
Includes PIXMA iP4300 Print Head, Ink Tanks (PGI-5BK Black, CLI-8BK Black, CLI-8C Cyan, CLI-8M Magenta, CLI-8Y Yellow),

Power Cord, Easy Setup Instructions, Document Kit (Setup Software & User's Guide CD-ROM, Quick Start Guide, Registration Card)

Included Cables - Includes 1 power cord

Included Cartridges - Includes PGI-5 Pigment Black, CLI-8Bk Black, CLI-8C Cyan, CLI-8M Magenta, and CLI-8Y Yellow Ink Tanks

Replacement Black Ink Cartridges - PGI-5 Pigment Black, CLI-8Bk Black
Replacement Color Ink Cartridges - CLI-8C Cyan, CLI-8M Magenta, and CLI-8Y Yellow

Manufacturer Warranty - 1 year limited warranty

The Pixma IP4300 sells for around $80 to $100. And uses 5 ink tanks (this is good for a cost effectiveness stand point, SAVES MONEY compared to the tri-color tanks).
You can click product tour in the second link below to get all the specs above and then some.

IP4300 Pressrelease

Canon Ip4300
bush dogg,

After doing the research I have decided to go with the PIXMA iP4300. The printer has several advantages over other models including (but not limited to) the size (smaller than my current HP DeskJet 5650), the five ink "tanks" (as you said above -- cost saving), and the speed.

Newegg has it for $76.00 ($15.00 for three day shipping).

I placed the order. Once received and installed I will be sure to give my feedback.

Thank you!
I use a lexmark 4300 series copier and printer in one for my business. I like it. I would like to get a color laser printer, but they are too expansive right now, and I am cheap ..
I think that’s a good choice it should do real nice for you.

Post back how the IP 4300 works for you and how you like it, I would be interested just because I think there very nice for an almost basic printer that works everytime I need it. (My canon is used everyday)

As a side note the cheapest place I found to get canon ink is Amazon and buy (.) com my first choice is buy (.) com there alittle cheaper most times and have the ink in stock everytime I needed it. Amazon was always out of stock on the ink for my canon.
Madmatt you confused me there for a minute,:laugh: I was talking about ink in the last post.

As a side note the cheapest place I found to get canon ink is Amazon and buy (.) com my first choice is buy (.) com there alittle cheaper most times and have the ink in stock everytime I needed it. Amazon was always out of stock on the ink for my canon.
My brain works faster than my eyes. I tend to skim and skip. Sorry. And thanks again. I should have the new printer on Monday.
I received the iP4300 printer today. Initial impressions/opinions:

The printer is larger than I thought. The dimensions on are incorrect. It's about an inch too large in depth for what I really needed/wanted.

The printer is slower than I had hoped for. It takes a lot longer than my HP to "warm" up. However, once it starts printing it is a lot faster.

The bottom tray is an awesome feature.

The drivers from Canon are simple and light-weight. You don't get any bloat. The maintenance dialog is much nicer and more user friendly.

The printer does an amazing job printing. The colors, text, graphics that it prints are very crisp.

Good recommendation bush_dogg.
I’m glad the pros outweigh the cons for you and I hope the printer is as reliable for you as my canon is for me (Knocks on wood now) .

I really like the quality of print too. I also think you will notice the ip4300 uses less ink than what you’re used to, I know my canon uses a good third less ink than the other printers I was using.

Good Luck with it and post back in a few weeks after using it day to day.

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