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Really weird 3D problem



I have had 3D troubles from the start with my Windows XP Pro.
I have posted here before, but nobody knew the answers...
But now, i found out some really weird things.

Summary: 3D doesn't work at all, no matter what games i play. I hear the sound, but the screen minimalises and i see the desktop again. My specs are below. i have tried several detonator drivers, the latest drivers for my monitor, latest AGP drivers, everything...

Now the weird part: I finally did the famous format c: and re-installed XP Pro. After that, everything worked perfect, until I turn off the PC. After restarting, the 3D doesn't work anymore. DxDiagn keeps cancelling the D3D test. When I create a new user and log in for the first time with that new user, 3D works! But if I try to restart the computer, log in a second time, it doesn't work anymore.

So, there seems to be a problem when XP is shutting down and restarts again. If I use Hibernate, it remains to work.

Does anyone have a clue on how to fix this?

AMD Ahtlon 1900+XP
Riva TNT2 M64
Philips monitor 105S
256 DDR


I found out something new:

If i make a new user, evrything works, but ONLY if i make him a "user". If I make him an "administror", the 3D only works one time, untill shutdown.

So, only when i log in with a "user", it works, and it keeps on working perfectly after reboot. It seems that the problem lies in the administrator settings...

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