I posted this message before but i didnt receive any comments of suggestions as to why this is so...anyways when i try to connect to this webpage it gives me a popup screen prompting me to enter my user name and password to what is believed to be, i never got this before and now all of a sudden it pops up everytime i connect to this site! I am really thinkin of changin my homepage to something else if this does not end!!!!! AAAAAAAH HELP! ANY COMMENTS OR SUGGESTIONS IS APPRECIATED!!!!!

Heres what it looks like:
Do me a favor please. Go back to all these most recent posts under this title and edit the title. You know what I mean. I appreciate your frustration, but the technique will cause many to just shy away from the post because of its vulgarity. thx.


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you can always make a hosts file and have that page default to something stupid :) do you have anything like grokster, limewire, kazaa installed?


Ack kazaa The trojan Horse from hadies.

NOTE TO ALL WEB DESIGNERS: Do not use kazaa on the machine you use for editing. Kazza acually adds its own links in Microsoft Frontpage. Damn thing is a trojan nightmare. It is another Big Brother friendly program i just bet money on it.

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Damn you, who removed Jolly?
Md is gonna get a "jolly" good slappin'

Anyway, yeah these damn spyware apps could be changing the ads, as I have read recently that they can do this.
I know a new version opf Limewire was recently released that claimed to remove their spyware, hopefully these others will do the same.
what do u mean who removed jolly ? i just merged all his posts and put them right place m8... never removed no jolly... didn't add him either :)


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