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I posted this message before but i didnt receive any comments of suggestions as to why this is so...anyways when i try to connect to this webpage it gives me a popup screen prompting me to enter my user name and password to what is believed to be ads.ad-flow.com, i never got this before and now all of a sudden it pops up everytime i connect to this site! I am really thinkin of changin my homepage to something else if this does not end!!!!! AAAAAAAH HELP! ANY COMMENTS OR SUGGESTIONS IS APPRECIATED!!!!!

Heres what it looks like:


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Just womdering....have you changed something in your IE security options? Perhaps that AD send a cookie that your browser find unsecure or something......
I saw your post before and can only tell you that this isn't from this site. Change your homepage and see if it still comes up. If it does then something has configured itself on your system - what that might be I have NO idea.

Have you tried running Ad-aware to see if it can locate and delete any spyware on your system?

Also, try deleting all your temporary internet files and cookies and see if that helps.


no i dont think i changed anything in security options....is it spose to be on medium? and wherbeouts can i download this ad-aware program? i also tried putting this ads.ad-flow.com in my hosts file but it still does not work


im greatly sorry...im just really stressed...i just changed all 3 posts..but it doesnt seem tow anan change the title in the main forum...ull see the change of the title when u click on it


still no luck..ad aware is a pretty cool program which ill keep...but do u think uninstalling iexplorer will fix this prob? if so how do i do a FULL CLEAN uninstall ?
Did you delete your temporary internet files and all your cookies too?

I think the 'uninstall' of IE only removes visible links to it, and I'm not sure where to get a third party copy of it.


yea i have "delete temp internet files on close" enabled and yep i deleted my cookies still no luck :|
Have you tried changing home pages and seeing if it still comes up?

I'm guessing this is something that piggy-backed on your Kazaa installation. Do you remember when it started happening, what you installed? Try uninstalling some suspects and see what you see. You can always reinstall them. It may not help one wit, but it's something to try.


I have had the same ad pop up. It came from either this site or a link off of it. I cant remember for sure now but I only got it once.Jag24.com


How about this:
Tools>internet options>privacy
click on the advanced tab
check the box to override cookies settings
and then on the cookie settings click on the prompt radio button.
and whatever you want for session cookies.
click ok
on the next box web sites click on edit
in the managed webs sites box see if ads.flow.com and ads.ad-flow.com is in there. highlight it and click remove.
close IE and then restart IE
When it loads again it should ask you which cookies to allow to load. When you get to the one for ads.flow.com and ads.ad-flow.com check the box that says to apply this decision to all cookies from this site and then click block.
Hope that works

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