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Real Player 10 Beta.


I may actually be insane.
RealOne Player Ten Beta Mega Ultra Uber* is now available for download, hop along to http://real.com/ to grab it, the link for the free version hides in the top-right of the site :)

* note: may not actually be called 'mega ultra uber'


Random Apple Dude
I'd use Real Player more if there was actually anything worth using it for *rolls eyes* ... I think maybes streaming Big Brother live would be one thing, but it costs a small fortune.. either that or streaming music, but I use iTunes for that *cough**grin**cough*


Random Apple Dude
>> Additional notage...

Just downloaded it, though you know, give it a try, see whats new etc...

*shakes head*

In my humble, personal opinion, don't bother with it unless you actually buy and subscribe to Real's "paying members only" section ... also it seems to eat up my processor usage :/

But hey, might work well for other people :)

To conclude ..*flails arms widly* DANGER MAC USERS! DANGER!... and so forth :)

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