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Read/Write folder permissions in Windows XP Pro

Here's the scenario...

I have 2 shared folders: c:\read and c:\write....the network is peer-2-peer by the way

"C:\Read" is where I put files I would like others to have if they so choose, but they can read, execute, and copy the files....complete denial of all write/delete/modify capabilities. They cannot set attributes either. However, I have unrestricted access to the folder and may do as I so desire.

"C:\Write" is where others can put files if they would like to share something with me. They can write/read/execute, but they cannot delete/modify they files or the attributes...any files they transfer to me retain the attributes (save encryption) they had on the original machine. Again, I have unrestricted acces to the folder to do as I will.

Is this possible? I've been fiddling around with the security settings, advanced stuff, share permissions...the works....everything but Active Directory and I just can't get it to work. I've tried setting the security permissions just so, but I can't see the other computers when I try to add users from other PC's. therefore, I mess with the "Everyone" security group hoping that it will affect everyone but me since I'm the owner. It still doesn't work. I may set myself as allowed full control, but if I deny delete rights to everyone, that supercedes my allow full control setting.

Please help....I'm completely dumbfounded on how to get this to work.

Thanks in advance - Tech_8356


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Why don't you just create a user with no password and have people who are accessing your PC use that username. You can give that username specific permissions to specific folders and different permissions to different folders.


Lets get some more facts first, are you running on a W2k domain here? Or is this just a workgroup? How many different people will be using these 2 shares.

Let me know and I will type you up a plan of action that will get it sorted no problem.


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Deny rights always override allow rights. Have the same usernames and passwords on both PC's and then use NTFS security permissions to control access. Leave the share permissions to Everyone.

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