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I've got a few issues with a cheap ECS motherboard I've been using. My question is, what will happen if I take all my hardware and re-install in the new motherboard? Will I have to format and re-install my XP os? or will everything just fire up as usual?



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to be honest XP will probably work, but it could cause some issues either straight away or down the road.

The best course of action is simply to format your drive and start from scratch.


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exactly what lancer said. sometimes it will work but unless your going to the same type of mobo again or a very very similar one. your gona have problems down the road.


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Issues, could be thinks like the chipset drivers not being installed correctly so ports may or may not work correctly.

There are so many issues that could arise.

And to be honest, it is so much more fun to have a fresh system install, because your system will run better look better and generally less or zero crash free.

I've done it once where i did not format and i ended up having to format again anyway.

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Same Mobo = OK
Different Mobo = Blue Screen or Constant Reboot

A temp option is to repair windows after the new board is installed. GO through the windows install as usual (Ignore the very first repair option), setup will find your previous install, this is where you selec repair.

I recommend the repair method only as a temp fix. Usually with a big change like a motherboard, a fresh install is best.


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With the old MB installed go to device manager and uninstall everything that can be uninstalled - video, sound, lan, USB, AGP, PCI drivers, IDE, etc.
Then put in the new MB. This will give you the best chance of a toruble free change over.

Best chance of succcess is if the MBs use the same chipsets. Next if they are the same chipset brand (SIS, VIA, NF, etc.). Least chance of success is if they are different brands.

Worst that will happen is the new MB will not load windows after the swap. Then do a clean install. More likely is that the system might be sluggish. If it is, uninstall and reinstall the devices again. if that fails clean install.

You can do a repair install which will leave much of your data intact but still wipe out all your programs and liscences.

PS Cheap ECS is redundant. But they are all I buy.

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