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RE: Reboots without warning



I know what your thinking turn off the automatic restarts. Well it is off. I had XP since the day it was release without problems then I upgraded my motherboard and processor to a p4 1.8. I turned off automatic restarts and yet it still restarts anywhere from 5 minutes to hours after I boot. other than the mother board and processor all the hardware and the software is the same. I checked the Event Viewer and no events are written. I went through the registry to see if the automatic reboots were really off and they were. This is my forth format and re-install in three days and looks like I am gonna have to settle with Windows 2000 Professional if I can't find out what is causing this soon! If you have any comments or suggestions or have the same problem let me know.


RE: Problem solved

I found out what the issues was. This morning I put on windows 2000 pro and still had the same problem. So I said **** it and grabed my xp pro cd and did another format and re-install. This time I took out my NIC and sound card and just left RAM, HDD, and vid card. Then I put in my LAN card and it went for an hour and a half, then sound card, went about thirty minutes and reboot. Took it back out and went two hours. Put it back in and five minutes later while adjusting some speaker settings BAAM!. Reboot again.

For general information I have a Sound Blaster Live! Value card in here (not anymore, guess I gonna have to settle with the mother boards AC97 crap for now).

Seems to be fixed now though, hope this helps some else out!



I too have a MB with AC97 sound, and was very dissatisfied with the audio. I installed a Soundblaster Live card and have had no problems. It might be a conflict with the resources or IRQ of another add in card you have (plug and play still doesn't always work).

I wouldn't give up on the SB Live, as it gives much better quality sound than the AC97.


Think it was the soundcard. I was adjusting speaker settings and with every adjustment the volume went down and then when I hit apply it rebooted itself again. I'm gonna keep a hold of the card and if it crash reboots itself again then I will put it back in and search for another answer.


Ever since I installed Audigy Ex, I get constant reboots. Its quite annoying, happens when gaming on line almost religiously every 20-25 minutes.

I have ACPI enabled, suggestions were made to disable it and get the sound card outt of IRQ9, But I want to check into the cosequences more before I follow that route.


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Hey Gunslinger,
By any chance Do you have all the SB Live progs installed also? You may be having a problem with the progs. Maybe if you uninstall everything that is for the SB Live and pull the sound card. Reboot, make sure every thing is well. Then shut down, reinstall the SB Live card, reboot ,but let XP install it's native drivers. That might cure your problem, maybe. You can still do all the adjustments you want, quad sound and surround sound are there but no bells and wistles like sound effects and such.


Do you have custom wav. files for start up? I had a wave file that I had to delete from my system to stop the reboots. I knew what it was that was causing the problem because that was the only thing i did that was different when the problem started. So when I deleted it the reboots stopped. Hope you don't have to buy another sound card. You can also disable all wav. files in your control panel under sounds this should help also. ikester

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