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sorry to write new thread for this since my last question yesterday, . The problem is i am stuck here, i have an audio real player file and want to converted to wav so it could be transfered to a CD and to listen to it in car. I have tried download.com and it seems that they only have conversion fron mp3 or winamp to wav.Can somebody help please. cheers. XAZ
The format for CD music is in fact CDA. The easiest way I know of converting mp3s to a music CD is to use Nero Burning ROM.

Start the program, select "Audio CD" from the list on the left of the window that pops up.

Click "New"

Drag and drop the mp3 files you want to convert from the file browser on the right to the CD browser on the left. You'll see Nero list the songs in the order you've put them in. move them around until you're satifisfied with the order

Once you've done that, click the flaming disc icon in the toolbar at the top to open the write CD dialogue.

Click "Write" and Nero will convert the files to the correct format and burn them to Disc for you.

I've done this many times with CD-WRs for car use, it's dead easy :D

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