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Did I read the article on the home page correctly? Intel will phase out Rambus memory in their chipset designs?

Well, that kinda sucks. I was actually considering migrating away from AMD (pending Hammer's results of course) to the Intel because of the better memory performance with PC1066 and the 533 fsb.

It seems this is a mistake for Intel: One of the big factors in Intel's current performance lead on the Athlon is due to the better memory bandwidth (of course the big difference in clockspeed does help too) with RDRAM. While DDR is fast, Intel will not do as good anymore I think.

Am I way off on this, or am I reading it correctly?

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I think RDram will be around for a few years yet. In one breath they say it is finished, in the next they say they are improving it.
Go figure.


ok, so when i build my new rig, i was wanting to go with RDRAM.. but maybe i should go withDDR


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rdram actually isn't that much faster than ddr. both pc800 rambus and pc3200 ddr have 3.2gb/sec of memory bandwidth. but pc1066 rambus has 4.2gb/sec. sure, it's faster, but not a world of a difference by any means. also, ddr just has a brighter future... a lot of evolving.

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