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rdram motherboard

Can anyone tell me if there are any available motherboards that were made for AMD processors that use rdram memory. I could have sworn I have seen some used computers that were setup this way in the past, but it appears that I mght be wrong. I can't find that type of board anywhere.

Thanks for the help
I'm not sure thats possible with amd64 processors as they have integrated DDR controlers.

Athlons were designed for DDR as well however because of the fact the memory controller was on the northbridge it may have been posssible though highly unlikely. One of the selling points of amd remember was the fact it used the cheaper albeit slower DDR standard.

Although RDRAM (Rambus) is clearly the better technology because of their stupid pricing and licensing mainstream desktops are unlikly to use it. That market is AMD's core market and so you see the pattern yes?
I'm wanting to use this with some of the older athlon processors to see how it does. I know it works good in Intel processors in some of the older ones. If it is possible it would probably be even better with the older faster AMD processors. I have more fun playing with older stuff trying to get the most out of it rather than just getting the most recent thing out there. Thanks for any info.


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As far as I know AMD never used RDRam only Intel did and now its only used in servers from Intel as AMD still doesn't and I doubt ever will use RDRam though as LordofLA said its better as far as its technology goes


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Low latentcy RAM and OC'ing the piss out of a AMD K6 or P3 would be the best bang for the buck.

And E-bay for mobo-CPU combos and you will usally get a great deal on components that sell for much higher seperately. I have bought 384Mb of PC100-133 a Asus mobo that still works, AMD 350, NIC, basic AGP video card (Matrox I think) for $50

Socket A HS/F combos fit Socket 7 boards *usally*. I have had a AMD K6-2 550 up to almost 700Mhz stable. Then the northbridge burnt out :)


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$300 for a basic P4 system.
$100 mebey for a P3 or like system.

Bang for the buck.

No doubt on the bandwidth of a P4
I've watch the AMD product line closely since the K6 days and they never offered an RDRAM compatible MB.

There was never a chipset that supported it as far as I know.

But then I found this:


So now I'm off searching to see if it's a typo.

Looks like all the references to RDRAM and Athlon are typo's or misleading titles. I checked the spec's on a MB in one post that said the iWill mpx2 uses RDRAM but the MB detail spec's call out DDR.

They might be using RDRAM when they mean registered DRAM.
Thanks everyone for this great info. and I think your right I haven't found anything AMD that uses RDRAM. Anyway I solved my problem with a new motherboard that I can overclock, takes RDRAM, originally was a $200.00 board and got it on ebay for $20.00. I needed that board for my socket 423 pentium 4 1.7 gig. processor. Anyway I think I'll have some pretty good speed for a low price. Already have the RDRAM and other items. Putting this in my HP Vectra vl800. I just like this case. Heavy duty and easy access. The vectras were some pretty nice computers in my book compared to HP's consumer line. They made these much better. Will do for a good middle of the road computer for me.

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