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RDC Issues with Icons refreshing


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I have a strange problem, not sure if anyone else will have feedback b/c it's kinda specific, but I'll go for it anyways :)

I use my home network remotely more than when I'm actually sitting at the console. I have a VPN setup to RDC to all my machines by using different ports than the default RDC port. The question I have is that when I connect, it takes a few seconds for the quicklaunch bar icons to render, and to let the computer start to respond.

With this type of problem, icons not re-painting, I would normally suspect a PSU, but this time I'm not so sure. After I disconnect, and go home to a "locked" PC, and log back in, the same problem happens. Any other time, even at first boot, this does not occur. Any thoughts?
KC, I've seen the exact same thing RDing into home. I can only think of latency. I do alot of remote administration, with various solutions... and they all have their quirks. One CA tool I use is hilarious, it refreshes after 5 seconds or so, but first I get this psychedelic look on all 'gray' parts of the screen... like the taskbar, the window borders of the PC I'm connected to, etc.... then it goes black real quick, and bang, crystal clear.

At home however, I can't duplicate it except for when it is loading my profile, when I unlock it it's fine. I run the concurrent mode... so I can be connected to home all day at werk - and someone can play games/check email at the terminal.


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Well at least I'm not crazy, I really didn't suspect my PSU. What do you suggest I do? I have been using RDC for at least a year now, and this only started happening a few weeks ago.

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