Razer Boomslang 2000 dpi

Electronic Punk

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It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

Not that I can even afford one of these but I thought I would have a go anyway ;)

These are the most awesome mice for FPS shooters, especially for fast online fragging...


Dunno what the hell I will do if I win :D

Electronic Punk

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I think someone released some third party ones, not sure... remember that post about them working on new drivers about a year ago!!

Will have to ask LW if it can do 2000 dpi !!


Originally posted by GoNz0
NO XP Drivers. (Slams nails in coffin)
Actually, there's a way to "fix" the drivers to work correctly in XP. The problem is that after installing and then tweaking your setup, the changes aren't reapplied on reboot. That forces you to open the razer controls and clicking ok. The way to make it stick is to edit a registry key to make the "default" setup match your "current" setup, thereby applying the correct adjustments on startup.

Here's a link to a small app that is supposed to adjust your registry entries automatically Click (never tried this myself)

At the bottom of that page the 2 reg keys are listed to do this manually.



it's a great mouse but I get by with the MS Intellimouse Optical.. I like the physical design of the Razor though.. it really was designed with gamers in mind..

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yeah I am wel interested in that MS mouse I posted above...
will just wait a few days then I might have some time to play games.


xp m0nk3y
Just so you guys know. And don't waste your money. The Razor Boomslang is not what the hype says it is. I have one, and I hate it!. It gets to the point where its overly sensitive. Plus, its a big mouse eh, you have to have big hands. I have small hands and its sometimes makes it very awkward to use.

Just a tip.

Originally posted by GoNz0
NO XP Drivers. (Slams nails in coffin)
I have XP Pro and my boomslang works outstanding with it. I didn't need to do any special tweaks or anything to get it to work. This is a great mouse for gaming...beter than any other mouse out there in my opinion. I have tried the intellimouse explorer and the logitech optical (2nd best) but I definitely love the boomslang. This mouse was made for gaming and performs great! The only drawback..it's a ball mouse. Cleaning is a snap though....takes like all of 2 minutes...well worth it..best gaming mouse you'll ever own. I have had mine for over a year and have no complaints.

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