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RAR files

Does anyone know how to read a part RAR file. Instead of downloading the full file i want to download maybe 1 or 2 of the (say) 50 rar's and actually view the part of the film thats in it.

Any ideas would be a great help!


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I have downloaded many of those 50 or so rar files, to create one big one. When it screwed up, I never found away to read one. It needs the information from every single one to work, you might be able to extract one, but I don't think anything would come from it.
you either get all of the parts of a multipart rar archive or you get none. individual files are abouts as useless as a bucket with holes :p
it usually depends how they are setup. if it's split up seperate among rar files then, yes you can just extract them, however when it's split up as a whole, you won't get anything out of it usally.

Also it depends on the fileformat... WMVs and MOV files split up easily, however if it's in dvd format, for example, you won't get anything unless you download the entire set of files associated with them.

I'd check our friend google and see if you can find an app that puts together partial video codes.. (seriously doubting one exists though)


Seems like you got some film or maybe porno files.

Usually if from a certain uploading and downloading German site long flicks can't be more than 100mb.

So they got split into less than 100mb files. Just download them all, it's a pain however having to keep turning off you connection to not have to wait for the next file.
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Bman™ said:
I think it's a big hassel, when things come in one file it's perfect.
Not always an option, as sometimes people have limits on how big the files can be when uploading.

As everyone else said, if you don't have all the files, no luck.

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