Ok, here it is..I have to rant about this because it confuses me. I see all these people trying to make their pc's desktop look like a mac OS. WHAT THE F**K!
If you want a mac...BUY ONE!
sorry for ranting it just seems to me like a true waste of time to change a pitbull into a chiwawa (sp?). It just seems silly to me...from my own experience, Macs SUCK a hard one...well not like M$ has their sh*t together anyway but its a hell of a lot better to pay for something you get than pay twice as much for half the hardware. My friend has a 866mhz mac g4 with 768ram (pc133)and I have a 1.2 athlon (o/c'ed to 1.4something) with 768 ddr ram. mine BEATS the CRAP out of his no matter what we do be it rendering stuff from Bryce5 and other processes.
whatever..I'm done for now...but I will be back with more rantings...


P.S.S. I don't mean to be rude or diss anyone in particular but...this is how I feel and I felt like sharing. Anyone want to rant with me (or against me) is more than welcome.
i love you all


Hmm... just curious, but why would anyone want to change their PC into a MAC? It's like turning their DX Civic into an SI... and like spending more doing so than if they had originally bought a real SI. IONO... I know there's a better import analogy out there (perhaps an Integra RS into a Integra Type-R (?)), but anywho. Just wondering... not really ranting.

Oh, and yeah. You people who drive hella slow out there on the freeways and stuff... do you STAY in the fast lane to piss off other people on purpose? I mean, yeah, the speed limit is 65 (in SoCA, anyway), and yeah, I know you don't want to get a ticket, but c'mon, now. Do your whole avoiding tickets in the SLOW lane. Let us speedlovers take that risk. :p

I feel the need... the need for speeeeeed!! Yeah, baby!! I don't have a RacerGirl license plate for nothing!!


In Addition

Have you ever driven through Oregon? They stay in the left lane just to spite people who just want them out of the way! And why do they have to have absolutely no self service on gas. Gas prices are already too high.


Put a sign in your window that says "If you can read this and I'm passing you, you're in the wrong lane!"

Props to the truck drivers. I'd go insane if I had to put up with that road bullsh*t every day. Thats just my opinion.
IT'S ME!!!!HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!! I'm the one that you have to pass,'cause I drive slow in the left lane to irritate all of you.Until we met on the road................HA HA


I can agree on the trying to make there pc into a Mac it makes no sence to me why people would want to do that.

If you want a Mac you should go buy one.

To me it seems to be a trendy thing to do and like you said it's expensive for mac's and no where near the computing power of either an Intel or Amd processor based machine.

I build systems for myself and other people it's how i make my living and I have had to fix many problems for clients loading in programs that are suppose to allow you to run Mac programs on your machine.

People it just doesn't work that way both OS's are very different and also use a completely different programing language.
Some of us can only just afford to own a PC but dream of owning a Mac. The equivalent Mac hardware is more expensive, the software is far more expensive, and I can only sit here wishing. So I have to make do with a PC with a desktop that looks like a Mac!!!

ta ta

TOK:p :p :p
DAMN IT when you buy a mac you're paying twice the money for half the hardware and performance. Before...back in the day...macs were better than a pc but now you put them side by side.. PC is better for the $$$
I'm sitting here wondering why gothic has "Linux Pro"under his name while he wishes for a mac.Odd,ain't it?
(no offense,gothic-just curious)
Linux / Unix has always been my passion and can be used on any hardware!!!!!!!!
AND....you put a PC of a given speed against a Mac of half that given speed, and they will generally run at equal speed because a: the mac hardware architecture is far superior and b: an enormous amount of their software is written in Assembler, executing so much faster. (that last was relevant more on their TOS systems)
To qualify that last reply, I live a little in the past, the macs I have experience of were the 1980's PowerMacs that WERE superior. I must admit (somewhat timidly) that I have little or no experience of Macs since then, but IT'S A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE!! and still yearn for a Mac.


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