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Randon Static from Speakers

Well my speakers just started emitting random static from them, and when i turn the volume control it pops and crackles really loadly..i haven't changed any hardware, or software etc. this has happened along time ago and just kind of went to way...do you know of anyway to fix this? soundcard is a audigy 2 zs speakers are logitech 400 4.1 surround sound if i remember correctly its been forever since i got them.


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This just started happening w/ me tonight, after I got home from Xmas travels. I plugged my headphones in, and started getting random static during HL2, and now it's persisting regardless of what I'm doing, be it reading email, browsing, etc. I'll have to figure it out tomorrow.
BTW-Leaderz0rz, did you unplug any other devices? pda? iPod? etc.


The Analog Kid
1) make sure all unused devices are muted in Windows Mixer
2) get some "tuner lubricant" from Radio Shack and clean the potentiometer on your speakers
could it some sort of electromagnetic interference? if you have cell phone or radio near it?

also it can also happen if you have overclocked ur pc, ive seen it many times on many other sites, what happens is the harware cant handle higher fsb speeds.


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This sort of thing happened to me all the time when I had creative 4.1 sound card.

Various fixes were moving soundcard as far away as poss' from graphics card.

Reinstalling drivers.

I know it doesn't make much sense when you've chnaged nothing but I s'pose even loading HL2 can change settings.
i haven't touched anything, it was christmas day, and i hadn't even been on the computer, and when i came upstairs it was making static, and ever since then it has been doing so. I've moved the wires and what not, but still does it. Is there somthing I can set my computer on that maybe will keep the static from my carpet or whatever from reaching my cpu? I was thinking maybe i moved it or somthing and it caused a bound grounding.


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My onboard sound and PS/2 mouse port share an IRQ so it makes a slight white noise when the mouse is moved.


The Analog Kid
Try the KX project drivers. See if there's still static.

Try changing PCI slots (assuming you're on XP and can't assign IRQ's).

If your speakers are plugged in on the same circuit as your puter, plug them into a different circuit (not just a different outlet, but a seperate circuit).

Make sure if you have a mess of wires in back that signal wires run perpendicular to power wires.

You could try grounding your pc case. Get some speaker wire (you only need one lead). Pull a case screw and screw it back in, securing one end of the wire. Then tie the other end of the wire to a pipe if you have hotwater heat or to the grounding screw on an electrical outlet.

Just a few ideas...
maybe its your speakers, if u have cheaper speakers turning up the volume high can cause crackling sound. or maybe they just got a little too old. happened once on my walkman's earbuds, went after i bought a new pair. what speaker do you have?

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