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Random Sig in Outlook Express?


I may actually be insane.
I Currently use Outlook Express 6 on Windows XP for all my e-mail and when sending mail I use a text based signature.
I wanted to know if there was anyway to make this random, e.g. to pick a random line from a text file? as i know this is possible in the Mac OSX version..


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SPeedY_B, I know you're good in scripting . . can't you do it with a parsing script and let the script run using task scheduler?
Share it with us when you succeed :)


I may actually be insane.
I am ? :confused:

I've had a very quick look into it, and there are some apps out there that will acheive random signatures, but to me they just look bloated.

I will look into it some more, and hopefully find an alternative answer, or change e-mail clients, or something :)


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SPeedy_B, cant you just create php image and put a whole load of text on each like you do with your sig on here and attach as your outlook sig? Wouldnt that work? I just have an image at the bottom of my outlook sig, pretty basic but i like it :D



I may actually be insane.

Yup thats the easiest way, but, not everyone wants to download an image when they receive mail from me, and not everyone can accept HTML mail (I know it annoys me, so why inflict it on others).
Would you send it to me by mail then ? as you can see I am not using a sig . . promise . . just for my desktop.
Should you agree I will start pinching every single one of your sig as well . . :D

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