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Random Reboots



I've had my new system up and running for a little over a month now and up until a few days ago, everything had been running flawlessly.

In the last few days, my system has started to randomly reboot. It doesn't happen very often, maybe once or twice a day, some days not at all. When it does happen, it's never during periods of heavy usage. Most of my reboots have happend while I was surfing the web or typing an IM.

The CPU temp is within normal limits when it randomly reboots (usually right around 41C) and I checked my videocard and the fan on it is working as is my CPU fan.

All of my software and components are running on their latest drivers/firmware etc. and I haven't added anything new hardware to the system since i set it up about a month ago.

I run adaware and Spybot after each random reboot and usually do find around 20 spyware programs total, not sure if they could be making my system reboot, but who knows.

My videocard has also been showing some artifacts when I play NHL2003 (only game i really play) though performance is otherwise unaffected during the game and no graphics problems show up during regular usage. My 3dmark scores are the same and my card is not OC'd.

Anyhow, just wondering if anyone might know what the problem could be. Right now the reboots are few and far between, but still, they shouldn't be happening at all.

I'm running:

AthlonXP 2100+ tbred
Epox 8rda+ mobo
Seagate Barracuda IV 80gb
Abit Siluro GF4 ti4200 128mb 8x agp
liteon 24x cdrw
toshiba 4x dvdrom
sony 52x cdrom
300w antec PS

Everything on my system is running at stock settings.


hardware monkey

uncheck that box and instead of restarting, you will get a blue screen next time. there will be a code on it. write it down and post it and we can help you find out what's going on.


Sounds like a Memory Buffer problem, I had this same thing happen to me a few times where the memory wouldnt refresh and caused the system to shutdown and reboot.

maybe one of your Memory modules was dammged? Static discharge maybe

But that was an old P3?

definatly got to be a Hardware problem.:confused: :confused:


OSNN Senior Addict
it's possible that it COULD be your PSU, it's a fairly solid, however a fairly small PSU, I wouldn't want to run much under a 350 watt with that set up, have you run any power monitoring programs? Epox might offer software that does that, I know abid does.


Im under a 330watt psu, and im running a Very large setup, although i did go nuts with the thermal grease :p


taurus, please don't link to files hosted on msn groups. It causes an annoying passport sign in window to pop up.


thanks for all the input, i couldn't see the graphic posted indicating what to unclick, and my system hasn't randomly rebooted yet either.

I'm running two sticks of 256mb spectek pc2700 DDR ram in dual channel mode on my mobo. I haven't touched them since I installed them and I used a static wristband that was grounded when I did all that.

i guess it could be my PS but all the current hardware has been installed and running for over a month now, i don't see why only now in the last few days it would start doing this.

if someone can tell me what to unclick, i'll post the error code next time it happens.



hardware monkey
oop, my bad! i was wondering why i wasn't using that webspace before. now i remember. :p

previous post was edited. check the pic, digerati.


thanks, i'll uncheck it and make sure to post the error code next time it happens.

i also went into my bios and checked the voltage settings, here's what i found:

Vdd(d) 1.56V
Vcore(v) 1.58V
Vdim(v) 2.60V
+5 4.89V
+12 12.09V
-12V -12.44V
-5V -5.25V
Vbat(v) 3.13V
5vsb(v) 5.51V

not sure what it all means, but maybe that will let you guys know something.


Check to see if you installed MS security patch 811943 about the time your problems started. I had the same situation (stable for months then bam about 4-5 days ago started getting lock up and reboots). Saw a post in here about stability and that security patch so I pulled it out 3 hours ago and no problems since. I had 3 lock ups, etc in the hour before I pulled the security patch.


did you mean 811493?

I have an update labelled q811493.

I did do a windows update recently, though I can't remember if i did it before the lockups, or because of the lockups.


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Taurus said:

uncheck that box and instead of restarting, you will get a blue screen next time. there will be a code on it. write it down and post it and we can help you find out what's going on.

thanks a million, i hwas having the same problem only on a presario notebook

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