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Random Problems. . .

MY PC is starting to have random problems. . .again!

1st. . . a couple of days ago, I had to do a complete reinstall of XP and everything. . .from that point on, there is no 'Standby' option.

Today, I noticed that coming off of a screen saver, the PC goes to my user profile, where as before it would go to the screen where you can pick the different users.

Just now, I discovered my D:\ drive (a DVD-R) does not work w/ all disks. . .for instance, on the Drivers disk that came w/ my PC, the D:\ says: D:\ Not accessible. The request could not be performed b/c of an I/O device error.

I know this is all random stuff, but I'm afraid of what's to come next. I am going to try a System Restore, but if that doesn't help, anyone have ANY clues??


I had done a complete reformat. . .not a repair installation.

However, I broke down and just did a repair installation and it is ok now. . .I am just sick of random problems like this popping up.

Anyways, thanks!



Well if you're "sick of it", don't use XP... =P
The whole experience deal is for you to experience something new every time you use the computer... and it's hard to come up with positive things all the time. ;)

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