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what are the advantages of having a ramdisk? i have the program to set it up.. but i dont know if it would improve performance or just decrease performance because i have 256 of DDR PC2100 memory. would i need more memory or should i justgive ramdisk a shot?
RAM disk reserves a portion of your hard drive for extra ram. So if your current ram is full, ramdisk will use the portion set up on your disk. I would suggest getting more ram. ram disk is slow and I would only suggest it if you have 128 or lower.
As far as I know windows does not recognize ram disk as accual ram


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Huh? Im sure hes talking about setting up a portion of his ram as a V.drive probably for internet temp files. Am I correct? Not in the sense you mean Jz1397-4 . Ramdisk improves browsing speed and anything else for that matter[make sure you have much more ram than 256 to use for anything else other than internet]. Also flushes that oh so famous index.dat file on every shutdown.


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Jz1397-4, a Ramdisk is when you use part of your RAM as hard drive space. It is actually much much faster than any hard drive, but is limited in space to the amount of RAM you have. What you were talking about is the complete opposite, or virtual memory, when your computer uses some of your hard drive space for RAM.

Empiretank - With 256 megs of RAM its probably best if you dont even bother with a RAM disk. A RAM disk can and will increase your performance significantly if used properly, but, with your 256, using it for anything other than internet temp files is not a good idea. It doesnt hurt to give it a shot, take it for a spin and see if you like it or notice a performance increase.


A ram disk is a virtual disk drive. You set it up to use a specified portion of your available ram and your system will think it is an extra disk drive. Because it is made up of ram, it operates at the speed of ram and is therefore much faster than a physical drive. The downside is that it is dynamic - that means that when the system shuts down, all data in the ram drive is lost unless you have copied it from the drive prior to shutdown.

Unless you have a huge, datacentric program or run a large database, it is a nice toy but pretty much useless.

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