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I'm building a new system before the end of the year, and I'm stuck on the RAM. What's the difference between brands. Even between the more reputable/recommended brands (Corsair, Crucial, OCZ) when timings are the same they can have $80+ in price difference, for what seems like the same thing.



I wont be doing much gaming, and I wont be overclocking, mostly HTPC stuff. Can someone help straighten this out.




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Well of the 3 you listed there really is no difference other than paying for the name. However, certain chips are more overclockable and more stable in overclock than others. It has been a while since I have looked into it so I don't know which is the most OC'able. But if Overclocking is not your goal, than go with the cheaper.


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Android412, I just completed a build with the same type of machine you're building I choose Patriot 2x1GB PC2-6400 800Mhz low latency, this give me the ability to overclock or not if I game or just a very sound RAM at a great price. I purchase these at fry's, and will be get another set today, but you can find them on the internet ranging in price from about $89.00 to about $110.00 US, hope that helps. Also these are Dual Channel make sure your MB can handle them, have a great build.
So if I'm not going to overclocking them the first link is fine?

How do you know there dual channel? The first link doesn't say it anywhere?


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RAM is not dual channel, the MB is dual channel. i.e. The MB alternately accesses the standard RAM DIMMs so it gets a higher effective speed out of them.

Use the MB website and check for recommended RAM. Some MB manufacturers have issues with top quality, name brand RAM, some will run with anything. It's best to check the recommended list and to scan through the MB reviews to make sure the MB is not finicky about the type of RAM.


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Like LeeJend said (always beats me to the post) dual channel is on your mobo, most newer mobo support dual channel. If your looking for the best performance and want to spend just a little more, look for paired memory sticks (sometimes refered to as "matched sticks"). Again most of this stuff is more geared to overclocking but there are small gains that can be had even when your not overclocking. A matched pair of Ram sticks *MAY* perform a little better as they are usually guarenteed to have the same clock speeds and their timing setting are equally stable to what ever they are rated at. If your not overclocking I wouldn't worry about but if you can get it for $10 - $30 difference in price you might as well, more than that I wouldn't bother with it. Just added info.

But yes, corsair, OCZ, and Crucial are all very good brands. I have had no problem with my Crucial XMS 512gb sticks (2x). Have been very stable and even overclocked then very well just for fun.

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