Ram Problem in win98


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I have a celeron 266 mmx, an intel mu44ex mobo and 160 meg sdram. The problem is, windoze fills the ram up. I have cpu cool running and it shows down that the ram is full. I had 32 meg and the comp worked now I have upgraded, windoze is just filling it up. Should it be doing this?? I have virus checked and defragged and everything and it still dose it. Thanks.



If I remember correctly win98 is only able to handle, properly, 128 megs of ram or less, 64 megs is ideal. Thats what I think your problem could be.


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Windows 98 operating system will run fine at 128 megs. I used to run it with 64 megs and it was tolerable.

The question is how much junk have you loaded into memory and how much (if any) of your 160meg is being used by a video card.

Try running turning off all the programs you load at start up and see if things are still sluggish.

The other possibility is one of the programs you use regularly has a memory leak. It keeps assigning itself memory but then doesn't release it when it's finished with it. There are memory manager programs that watch for memory leaks and let you know about them. Do some web seraches at ZDNET, or probably even in here.
Originally posted by Arg0
If I remember correctly win98 is only able to handle, properly, 128 megs of ram or less, 64 megs is ideal. Thats what I think your problem could be.

i have had 98 on this box before with a gig a ram. i must say, it ran flawlessly.

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god how 9x sucks ok first off 98(non-se) can do that to ur ram
it dosnt like alot of ram

if you have 1gb ram and windows 9x you are running 98se or ME(yes me is just 98-3rd add)

i cant tell ya how much i hate 9x but if you must use it get ur hands on se at least its not got quite so much trobble with ram issues

2003rox btw :D


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This comp only has a 4gb HDD so I have a copy of XP sitting around until I get a bigger HDD for it.

That will fix the problem!!


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you can get rid of about 400mb of xp without worry just del the C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache\*.* :) its a copy of every dll thats on the xp cd so you dont loose anything by deleting it

in 2003 the dllcache is 600mb on avrage :) dont sound like alot till ur using a 4-6gb hdd then its a huge portion :)


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Yeah but I have to clear about 2 gig before I can install it. I will just get a bigger drive and use that little one as a logic drive.


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and the thurm resistance of m3 is higher 48 vs 42 :/ oh fan life for m2 80,000 vs 40,000 for the m3 (like you use a cooler that long is most cases)

it was comprable to the vanteq aroe flow (or how ever ya spell that)

just wanted to know if anybody had any personal exp :)

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