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ok i just got a mushkin 512mb pc2700 stick and when i put it in it either makes my computer not load windows (just stays at screen with spec info) or it loads then restarts automatically. but then when i use my kingston pc2100 everything boots up normally. can anyone tell me whyyy? i just bought this mushkin stick and i really want to use it! i hope its not b/c of the speed b/c my mobo is suppose to support up to 400mhz. bah


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Is it doing it with just the Mushkin installed?
Just an idea, maybe you have the timings tighter for the 2100 than the 2700 can handle? Try setting BIOS to default and then booting.

Run memtest86 also, it is possible to get a bad stick once in a while
i put BIOS to optimized at first and it said my stick was 266mhz then it went to windows screen then rebooted by itself. then i put " fail safe" bios setting and it recognized my card as 333 which is correct but then it didn't even start up windows or anyhthing . i defintely have to check if its defective. could u give me the link to that memtest cuz i got one a while back and it was all messed up and i didn't know how to use it.


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prodj88 said:
hold on... my computer doesn't even boot with the Mushkin RAM so how the heck would this program check to see if it is faulty?
How far into the boot process do you get ... not very discriptive in your 1st post. ;) Also using this you would boot to it right after bios screen.
ok i tested my kingston and it got 100's on memtest. but never got around to doing mushkin cuz i had to RMA it quickly. but for the kingston one i get blue screens saying dumping physical memory and sometimes it even says b/c of a certain file like *.sys??? does anybody know what these blue screens mean? i did memtest on them flawlessly... and by the wya its usuually after im closing a game , (for instance i got the screen right after i exited Sims 2)


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what *.sys file? That error suggests a non NT compatable file. What are teh error numbers associated with the BSOD?

The BSOD is usally when a driver or another file tries to read-write to a block of memory that has not been given to the process. Or that is in use by another process.


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all i know is that you cant mix 2100 and 2700 memory, you have to use either one or the other, the board should automatically underclock the 2700, which will probably make the 2700 stick not function correctly.


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if the mushkin is not working it may have something to do with the volts being supplied to the mem clip...

given that you say you have tried everything else it would suggest that the clip is either faulty or there is insufficient power being delivered to the dimm slots...

overall I would suggest rma'ing the mushkin and getting another 256 or a 512 clip of the kingston you have already since it works and you don't have to worry about compatability with it apparently...

abit also have technical support forums... consider posting your query there since the people on those boards will likely be able to help you out with specifics...

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