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18 Feb 2004
I have a ASUS A7V333 motherboard with 2x256MB KingMax PC2700 DDR333 RAM and have 1 RAM slot free.

I was wondering whether a stick of 512MB Kingmax PC3200 DDR400 RAM would be compatible with my motherboard and existing RAM to bring the total to 1GB or would a 512MB Kingston PC2700 DDR333 RAM be better?

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It depends. I would think that it will be compatible but the real question is how much benefit you'll get. If your motherboard supports dual-channel access, it would definitely be worth getting the 2 x 256MB sticks as you could run them in dual channel mode.
The ram will work fine but will drop back to PC2700 333 speeds.
Oooops, AZ was faster than me...

I know your Mobo as it was my previous one: no dual channel, it appeared with my present Mobo the A7V880 (oh, I forgot, I had the A7V600 in between).

DDR 400 (PC3200) won't benefit you in terms of memory speed as you have DDR 333 (PC2700) already: the DDR 400 will automatically be down clocked to DDR 333. And I don't remember if the A7V333 supports DDR 400, I think it isn't.
If you can afford it, I'd replace the 2x256 DDR 333 with one single 1Go DDR 333 memory stick (around 75€ in FroggyLand where I live), as mismatched size of memory sticks is sometimes a source of troubles.
well... they're similar models, and value ram, so i think it's more of a personal preference... both would be good

since they're not gonna run in dual channel the config is not a problem, so i think leaving the old 2x256 is better, so the system is less likely to page with memory hungry apps
plus i don't think you could make much selling 2 used 256mb sticks of old pc2700 ram
Well, I managed to sell both the old sticks for £22 which I think is good seing as how a 512MB stick costs around £25 new so I'm buying the 1GB Crucial RAM for £50 from Dabs.com soon and hope all is well unless its available somewhere else for cheaper? :D

Anyway I figured I didn't really need 1.5GB of RAM and don't feel comfortable in mixing different sizes and brands of RAM.

Would there be any performance difference between 1 x 1GB or 2 x 512MB even though my motherboard is not dual-channel?
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no performance difference really unless the memory operates faster by design. Crucial mainstream ram is usually fairly quick. You'd only get faster by moving into the enthusiast ram market.
Received the 1GB of RAM today and installed it. All is working fine. Thanks!

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