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Rainbow Six - Vegas 2


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I am in the process of getting this game. The previews look really good. Has anyone played it yet to concur?
I played most of the way through it with a friend over Hamachi. It's way more fun with a buddy, for sure. Actually didn't play it by myself at all. A game-breaking bug prevented us from finishing the game (a scripted sequence didn't start to advance the level), and we didn't have a save to revert to so we gave up on it.


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I played the first Vegas and really enjoyed it. I played about 30 minutes worth of number 2 and felt it was basically the same game. So it's a good game, but nothing new compared to the first.


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I tried to play it today and there is a really bad lag with the mouse. I mean so bad that I couldn't play it ..


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I was thinking that it was that as well. So I did some research, and I found that it is an issue with a lot of people. Not just me, So I'm not sure. It looks like a good game, I just wish the lag would go away, it is strange that it is just the mouse and nothing else ...

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