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i know for a fact that on a hardware raid stripe, each of the drives on the stripe should be master of it's own channel with no slaves. this is the only way you will get real performance results.

but what if want 0+1... stripe and mirror? can the mirroring drives be the slaves or would that slow down the whole thing? would i need a 4 channel raid so they could all be masters?

no talking me out of doing an array, please... i just want answers. }:> thanks
Depends on if the hdd or the cable is the slow part. I'm not sure how it its nowadays. It will probably get a bit slower.

Seriously though, if you want to run RAID on for drives, use RAID 5 not RAID 0,1. That whay you will get more space than RAID 0,1 as well as the security of RAID 1. You'll have to get a controller card for RAID 5 though. Or just run software RAID. That works too and just as fast (strangely).


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i was under the impression that raid 5 was only for scsi setups. also, software raid is no more reliable than hardware... maybe even a tad less.

thanks for the reply, though. i think i'll end up having to set it up myself and do some benchmarking.

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Logicaly speaking, If you have an IDE Raid controller then there is no other way than you have described. But, when i did set up a machine with this type of raid I put the striped on the primary and the mirrored on the secondary.

But your way sounds better,perhaps I did it wrong :confused: :)

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