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I've never been a big fan of RAID 1 for a regular home user, and my friend has decided he might want to try out not using it.

He's got a x48 motherboard and is running RAID 1 with Vista Ultimate.

What is the way to stop using RAID 1 and going to just a regular set up?

Only bios changes or does he need to uninstall something?
just bios changes - RAID 1 mirrors the disks so no data will be lost.

I personally use RAID 0 and store crtical data in several locations in case of the inevitable RAID0 hose-up :)

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i store everything on raid0 and also on this pc - on disc and external hard drive, like lord says should it fsck up you have back ups :)

i only use raid0 for the storage of films for the htpc


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thanks guys. I'm going to bring my external hard drive so I can create a back up for him and then unplug one and test.


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Raid0 is not true raid. For performance it is good, but for fault tolerance it is not. It good that you have other forms of back up with it. I would stick to raid5 or raid1 personally. But then that is just my opinion of course.

Going to bios and turning it off is the best way to disable it ...

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