Raid 0 stripe windows only showing one drive size? Please help.


Blame me for the RAZR's
Thanks in advance for anyone that has any ideas. I have this same post going on at a DFI forum as well.

I have had probelms with Raid 0 with this chipset since i got it. It seems that nforce 4 and raid drivers dont get along bery good. I was finaly able to get it working by enabling raid 0 striping in bios on both drives. Creating the raid array in the BIOS. Then not installing raid drivers during the XP 32-bit install. Installing XP then using the NView Raid utility to build the raid 0 stripe array after i plugged in the second hardrive. Now this is happening and im very confused.

For some reason windows is only letting me use 34 gigs (one drive worth space) instead of the 68gig raid 0 stripe array.

HEre is a picture. OF what im talking bout.

Im very confused i have the lastest BIOS as Revision A for my lanparty nf4 sli -Dr and am using the latest chipset drivers. nForce_6.53_WinXP2K_english. Please help this is very annoying.

Thanks in advance.
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You may need to reinstall Windows XP. When it asks you in the beginning of the install if you wish to install RAID drivers, you'll need to do so and insert your disk that has the RAID drivers (I believe XP will only search a Floppy drive).

From here, it appears as though your nVidia software is setup as a RAID 0, but Windows XP is treating it as a RAID 1. Thus, I would reinstall.


Blame me for the RAZR's
shoudnt the c: drive size (the array) be the total capacity of the array though? Im under the impression that raid 0 stripping lets you use all the space on the drives... Please correct me if im wrong.

*** the E: drive in that is a diffrent drives partition.***

Thank you for your repsonse.

EDIT: Here is a picture of drive managment. Something defintly is going on.

I just did something to it now its showing as a green bar and says free space... I dont really want to reinstall windows.. anyone have any ideas. hehe.
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Perhaps look at using a partition utility such as PArtiion Magic.
Looks like only 35 gig was available when you installed windows and created the system partition. Adding a new drive won't just make the system partition bigger.

Interesting that it works tho, you must have had a one disc raid and adding a new disc raid to the system hasn't affected it, but doubled the available space :)

I don't know how far Partition magic has progressed, but I rememeber when resizing the system partition it used to throw a complete and utter fit, this was a long time ago tho.


Blame me for the RAZR's
I wil try partion magic. Knowing my luck its gona f*ck up the c drive in doing anything though. Dont really want to have to reinstall everything but if i have to to get it working i will. i didnt pay extra for one 36 gig drive hehe..


Blame me for the RAZR's
ok i relized that i could just make that unallocated space a seperate partition. I think this works in raid 0 stripping. But i need a way to test the speed of it. Any ideas.


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Look VenomXT,

Partitioning RAID'ed setups is not a recommended practice. Both Promise and Silicon Image both recommend against doing it.

I know you said that you don't want to reinstall Windows, but in this case, you should. This will be the easiest way to get the whole RAID'ed drives in use.

Do like the others like Johnny and Reg are saying and reinstall it. That's the best most reliable way to assure complete success.



Blame me for the RAZR's
yah i figured. this is more to buy time. I will have to wait tell the weekend to do it. Since i simply dont have the time and patience this week. I had planned on doing it anyways but its just so much trouble hehe. And seems to be working well right now. hehe.

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One more thing to add is that you need both sets of drivers on the floppy disk.

The Nvraid drivers and the Storage controller drivers.

You have to supply both of them when XP setup stops for the raid drivers.

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