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Radeon 9700pro crashs when i exit counter-strike during game and more.


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Ok i play a game of cs and then i quit the game press esc, then after that i just see a black screen. i mean wtf is this shiii@@@t?
Second problem system crashs whenever i go to the Screen Saver tab in the Display properties. wtf is this man? i paid 370 dollas and i cant get this piece of crap to function correctly. BTW i installed the catalyst CD thing, then after that i went to the ati website and installed the catalyst 3.2. which patch is the best?


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umm sorry for double posting how the hell do i change the radeon settings and stuff? like enable AA, or AS etc etc.?


told ya to wait for the 9800 bro...

As for what's going on, driver trouble most definitely.
Have you uninstalled all previous before you installed
the new ones? (3.2)


no problem man
lol i know what you mean hehe, patience is the number one
thing that is lacking more and more in humans recently.

did that page solve your problem?


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list what you did to install the card... also list other details such as control panel version/driver version (which seems to be cat 3.2 per what you have put out there) and so on and so forth...

when I say what you did to installl list what you had previously and what you did when you installed the new card...

for technical support concerning anything ati related you should go to www.rage3d.com forums and post or read there...they are the no.1 site for help and also have nice tweaks and other files...


it is as cat3.2 prob...same prob here

easier way would be to go to console and type quit..or even easier just bind a key to quit

problem solved..till newer cats


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Ya i solved the problem. The Catalyst 3.2 sux. I downgraded to Catalyst 3.1. I think thats like the best one so far.
Ok i got another prob. In some games like Morrowind or Rainbow six: Raven shield demo, i get low fps's outside, but whne i go inside a building its like 60 fps or 70 fps. outside i get like 10 to 50 fps. wtf is that? What is causing this? I got a 1.6 GhZ P4, Radeon 9700pro, 256 DDR Ram. BTW I never defrag, i think the old nvidia drivers are still in the registry (and dont knwo which program to use to get it off), and how do i reformat? I think reformatting is the problem? or whatever it is.

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