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Radeon 9550 and Omega Drivers


Striking Master
Will Omega Drivers or even ATI's official drivers work well on this card? I'm in NJ temporarily using my father's system and he's using the same drivers by MSI since the video card is "MSI Radeon 9550" he says.

Official name: RX9550-TD128 128M DDR, DVI-I, D-Sub, S-TV_Out

I ask this since I can't play anything in hardware rendering which is mostly all games that I play. He says that MSI doesn't recommend using ATI drivers or something. Tell me the info please



Blame me for the RAZR's
they should try them out. can allways do a roll back if they dont work. might want to set a restore point though.


Striking Master
To report back,
It was a success, thanks for the suggestion Venom!
The only problem this computer had on first boot up with the new driver was Creative's CTLTask.exe crashed I think because the resolution was 800x600 or 640x480 (can't remember) but was fixed on the next boot up after settings were changed a bit and tweaked.

Again, thanks!

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