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Radeon 8500LE Screen Problems

I've got a retail Radeon 8500LE on a P3 933 (o/c to 980), a Gigabyte GA7-6VTXE-A mobo, 512MB pc133 ram, When I use the latest drivers from ATI I get a greenish colored screen at 640x480. When I go to the displays tab in the settings for the card it shows up as being a YPbPr display intead of a monitor and I was wondering if neone else has experienced this problem or knows how to fix it. The only drivers I've been able to use so far are the ones that came on the driver cd I got with the card.
See the attached pic for the display setting.


hardware monkey
all i can say is... odd! it thinks you're plugged into a component video-equipped hdtv.

is there anything in your ati tools to disable such a thing?
Not that I've seen... the weird thing is that the drivers from the cd work fine... but even the catalyst 2.5 drivers don't work... it still won't recogonize it right...
i've got directx 9 right now but i got the same problem with DX8.1...
I'm thinking that maybe it's just my monitor cause it's a piece of junk monitor that i got for free.... but it looks alright... and i can get 3DMark score of over 6500 w/ the drivers i've got now... so maybe i shouldn't complain for now :confused:
I've got DX9 but with the catalyst 3.0 (and 2.5) drivers the screen gets a greenish colored haze because it's not detecting my monitor as a monitor.... take a look at the screen shot, it's detecting it as the middle one (the YBpBr or whatever it is).
I'm not trying to run 640x480, that's just the default res that the catalyst 3 drivers put me at. (when I boot it up it tells me in popup bubble that the resolution is low and asks if i want to have it automatically set it, but at 800x600 i have to hold the mouse at the edge of the screen so that the screen can scroll and i can see what's hidden.
I'm just using the drivers that came on the driver cd when i bought my card and they work fine, but it kinda irks me that I can't use the latest ones.

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