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Radeon 8500LE 128 mg


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Hey I just bought a Ati radeon 8500LE 128 mg DDR, and I was thinkin, did I make a good choice? Cause I didn't want to get Geforce 4 Ti cause it was to pricy. So Radeon good choise?


Hey DM.....it's a GREAT card.....trust me !!

As long as you paid under $130 for it...you got a GREAT card!!!

I mean geez...you got a 128mb DDR video card that gives you AWESOME visual appearance (just check out Quake III and Max Payne NOW!!) with pretty damn good performance (you don't NEED above 60-70fps!!) And even some headrom for when Doom III comes out next year !

As long it doesnt crash on you and runs most of your games well, it rocks !!

By the way....for a great site for updates go too www.rage3d.com !! It's a pretty damn good ATI/Radeon web site, and the forums are about the most useful out there !!! Almost as good as xp-erience.org here !


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Worst company, thought ATI was second best company? I got that card for 133 dollars! it suppose to be 200 or 300$ in stores.


I have never had a driver issue with ATI, I am currently using a Radeon7200 and have never had a problem. Their new driver set is hopefully going to put these driver issues to rest. I am sure that the upcoming R300 will be the fastest card out as NIVIDA went to sleep on PC cards while throwing something together for the XBOX.


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cards great, but the drivers suck. period. if they actually release clean, and good drivers, then we might see some nice competition.. between nvidia, and ati i mean....... Matrox is way out of the picture.

btw, anyone see Matrox's Patheria, or something, benchmarks?


Im using Radeon 7200 no probs at all with the new drivers or any of the old ones either....

It is a good card _DM_...It is the only reason that Nvidia released the GF4 4200....Keep that in mind when people bash the
Radeon 8500 128LE....


hardware monkey
the card's not too bad. i don't have first-hand experience with ati drivers though, so i won't say anything about that. but i think you made a decent purchase.

i just wanna point out that for $150, you can get a ti 4200 which is at least 10% faster. and i do know first-hand that nvidia drivers are awesome.

but, like i said, you're not getting a bad card at all.


I've got the 8500LE 128mb DDR and all is good for me, and I run LOTS of games and other apps. No problems. Be sure to go to www.rage3d.com for drivers, etc. as mentioned above. Good tweak programs as well. Lotsa good stuff on the forums as well......


Originally posted by catch23
I do know first hand that ATI drivers are terrible...and that NVidia drivers are nearly flawless...

second that

if his card works fine id say he got an awesome deal......:)

my only experience wit ati is my 32 mb ati that came with computer....not the greatest but have had no troubles with it so far...so gave to mother for her computer...playin cs on it sux tho compared to 128mb ge4:)
ATI is ok, I would like to have seen then make a better driver setup, and maybe push just a bit more out of their cards, but all in all I like them alot. It I had more money then god I would have a GF4 ti4600. I bought a G4 ti4200 and had to resell it. I did not like my motherboard *(atleast I think so). It would crash windows with bad bad bad horrible errors.


Dude....don't cancel the order !

ATI drivers are pretty damn good....not the BEST, but nVidia doesn't make the best drivers in the world either!! Why do you think they need to keep putting out updates all the time!! And yes, I owned a nVidia TNT card back in the day, so I know what I'm talking about !!

The fact is, they're is ALWAYS going to be some kinda glitch with WHOMEVER'S driver you use, what these guys are prissing about is that they just can't stand that someone else puts out a decent card with DECENT drivers !!! And I've had my Radeon for 2 years now, and the drivers are FINE, EVERYTHING runs well, except for one game which was admitted by THE GAME PUBLISHER to not run on XP !!

Do yourself a favor, go by your own judgment, read the REVIEWS on the web (in google.com enter Radeon 8500LE 128MB and see all the reviews) and don't listen to singularities here in the forums !!!!


I agree with Phantom and ATi driver shave not been great in the past but the new driver releases are exelent and the new cataylst drivers rock - great scability options. I've heard some roumors that in the next set of Catalyst drivers ATi will be focsing on OpenGL:)

nVidia have driver problems too, why do you think there are new beta drivers out every week - to correct problems found in previous drivers. ATi are now doing the same and releasing drivers on a regular basis.

I've had a Radeon 8500 for about 3 months now and i have had no problems at all with the card. The new drivers have brought the perfomance very close to Ti4200 are you really going to notice a few extra fps that the 4200 offers, i seriously dout it. Anyway you can o/c the 8500LE to 275/275 and have a fully fledged 8500 128Mb DDR :)

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