RA2 in WinXP


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18 Dec 2001
Alright guys, hopefully you can help me out here.

I'm running Red Alert 2. I have the latest drivers for my sound card, video card...all of my hardware, actually. So here's my problem. Whenever the movies are playing, every few seconds the sound will cut out for a half-second or so. Not a real issue, just really annoying. :) Latest patch for RA2 installed, Direct X 8.1....*shrugs* In theory, everything SHOULD be working.
I ran the diagnostic program that came with RA2....only thing I can see as a problem is that it detects my OS as Win2K...which RA2 has no support for. I ran RA2 through the compatibility wizard, but to no avail. Any help here would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)


hmm sounds like you have done everything possible....

its a sound card issue ... if you have the latest drivers it should be ok

One thing i have doen and it seems to work , (read it here somewhere)

Tuen Sound Hardware acceleration OFF ... give that a try

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