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I've got to report on a program that got me out of a real jam. I was playing around with Norton Ghost and restored an image to a 4 partition 120 gig hard drive. I had it set up as C:\[system] D:\[programs] E:\[storage] and F:\[scratch]. What I did was Ghosted the first two paritions... when I went to restore them I selected the wrong option and I ended up with a two parition hard drive... Ghost flacked my E: and F: partitions... the ones with all my goodies :(

The google search was on using the phrase "unformat NTFS volume." Now there's a few programs out there that will recover data from a formatted NTFS volume... but I only got one to work. It's called R-Studio NTFS and you can find it at http://www.r-tt.com/. With this program I was able to recover over 4 gig of Mp3's, my email cache, a ton of family/vacation photos, my important documents, my favorites list... and a grunch of programs I've been collecting over the years.

Needless to say... the first thing I did when I successfully recovered my stuff was to get them burned to a dvd archive. Stuff like this makes the ol' learning curve take a big jump, lol.

I also discovered some interesting facts about file deletion/formatting in general... oh... and the MFT. If you're deleting [questionable] content in the hopes that will make you safe from investigation... get ahold of the trial copy of this program and see what you see... it may open your eyes to some interesting stuff. even if you successfully wipe a file clean... a file name can still be incriminating. Take a read on another of their products called 'R-Wipe&Clean' and see how it actually destroys all traces of a file... even in the MFT. Two programs that now rank up there with Diskeeper, Ghost, Partition Magic and a few others are R-Studio NTFS and R-Wipe&Clean... worth the investment and they actually do what they say they do.

You can run the trial of R-Studio NTFS, then run R-Wipe&Clean, then run R-Studio NTFS again... you'll get the idea of what I'm talking about. The trial of R-Studio NTFS won't let you recover anything, but the trial of R-Wipe&Clean is fully functional for a 15 days and it cleans everything and more then other 'cleaners' claim... the thing that sets it above its counterparts is a wipe of the MFT.

Anyways, I don't work for this company or anything but I find it refreshing to find something that works near flawlessly and all its marketing claims are not just hype.


I may actually be insane.
Agree with everything. R-Tools recovered an old 40GB drive for me (about 37GB full of stuff) when it randomly died.

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