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quiet and hi-performance fan

Anyone know the best quiet and hi-performance fan? I know there is going to be some compromise between the two. I found a review but it is kinda old and was wondering if there was anything new out there that will fit the bill.

I'm tired of the fan noise from my Volcano7+ even at low volume. The low fan speed then does not cool well enough. So I plan to get the SLK800 HS and an 80mm fan. Hopefully the larger fan size will allow more airflow without as much noise.

And, no, I do not want to go with water cooling. ;)
Thanks. That's one of the ones I saw, but it's dated January of '02. I couldn't find anything newer... There HAS to be something better/newer than that selection.

I know, I'll remove the side panel of my case, attach a 20" box fan onto the side of it, and hook up a dimmer control to regulate the speed (therefore noise). :rolleyes:

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